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In filmmaking, the key to a successful production lies in thorough planning and preparation. Our Pre-Production services ensure that every aspect of your film is meticulously planned out, setting a solid foundation for the creative process ahead.


Our Expert Pre-Production
  • Concept Development: Shaping your ideas into a compelling narrative.

  • Scriptwriting and Storyboarding: Detailed scripts and visual plans to guide your production.

  • Casting and Talent Acquisition: Finding the perfect actors and crew for your film.

  • Location Scouting and Permits: Securing ideal locations and necessary permits.

  • Budget Planning and Management: Creating and managing a budget that keeps your project on track.

Have To See To Believe

Barrington Marson is Atlanta Georgia’s largest and most versatile production company with nearly three dozen films produced and many more to come. Featuring a studio set containing two production sets, LED video wall, infinite white cyc, and hard cyc green screen, and a small preview theater. We are the perfect full-service production company for your next production. Often referred to as “The Great Place”. ​ Located in Norcross, Georgia, close to Gwinnett County Airport, the Southeastern Railway Museum and downtown Atlanta, GA, our video production company is convenient for both corporate and government clients.  Being the most versatile production house in  Atlanta with a large production crew, we are excited to lead the way for how virtual and hybrid events are run in Atlanta, GA.  We love to partner with other video and media companies looking to utilize our facility, and crew for their projects.  Let’s Talk!

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